It’s amazing how nature continues to inspire. A flower’s circular center inspires graphic design on this tissue paper, elegantly used to wrap a gift. These cool colors also bring happiness to the gesture. Be inspired in all that you do!


Spring blooms wake us up and provide color inspiration in new and exciting ways. These orange daisies blend perfectly with luscious greens and even a pool’s deep aqua. Makes for a perfect palette for graphic design as these complimentary colors jump across the color wheel.


Use your imagination to assemble a variety of interesting objects to create your own color wheel. From this, you’ll get amazing design ideas and inspiration. Opposite colors are complimentary while neighbors on the color wheel are analogous. Have fun!


This ceramic art piece speaks for itself. What a fabulous design and color combination! The pattern could be mimicked for hand drawn detail and the colors adopted for collaterals makeover. Learn to get inspiration from every source, including ceramics, and add new life to any project.


“Kristene, just wanted to say I enjoyed meeting you again at last night’s event. I’d also like to compliment you on your energy and style. You authentically radiate that rare combination of confidence, exuberance, class, competence, humility and genuine caring. I have no doubt you will continue to be blessed with much success as you help others along the way.”

Carole L. Rominger
Associate Vice President, Investments
Building, Managing and Preserving Wealth

Kristene Smith