The Urban Boys: Discovery of the Five Senses™

Sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell become hypersensitive gifts that forever change the world of five teenage boys in this urban fantasy adventure. The story follows the boys as they learn how to utilize their sensory super powers as they embark upon a mission of good vs evil. With its mysterious tone, the visual appeal of this book and audio-book series lent itself to deep, rich colors to convey an urban fantasy theme. Our series illustrator expertly brought characters and cover scenes to life with amazing creative detail and typography. Emotion-packed and full of action, The Urban Boys™ offers a memorable, thrilling ride for adventure fans of all ages! Read: Prologue - Read: Chapter 14 - View: Book Review Request - View: The Urban Boys™ Flyer - Visit: The Urban Boys™


Mental Health California

Mental Health California™ is a non-profit charitable organization with a mission to educate Californians on health, mental health, and mental-wellness through teaching, training, publishing, new media, and special programs. At its core, the organization offers an innovative multi-media magazine entitled: Mental Health California™, and a news portal featuring a wide array of health, mental health, and mental-wellness issues of importance to Californians across the lifespan. Mental Health California™ also presents forums, events, and webinars, and teaches health and wellness to young adults through its Publishing STARS Program, which produces junior mental-wellness magazines that educate and inspire. Visit: Mental Health California™ View: Fall 2017 Magazine


Advocacy and Collaboration Conference

The California Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, NAMI California, United Advocates for Children and Families, and Let’s Erase the Stigma (LETS), convened in San Francisco, California for their annual Advocacy and Collaboration Conference to discuss mental health public policy issues and to plan for the annual Advocacy Day at the California State Capitol. Kristene (K.N.) Smith provided the flyer design, which provided a bit of whimsy to this important, policy-themed gathering.


Del Paso Nuevo Housing Development

The Del Paso Nuevo Housing Development, one of only ten sites in the nation to become master planned communities through special HUD financing, would become the essence of urban in-fill in the Northern California region. Our mission in working with super in-fill developer Allen Wayne Warren of New Faze Development and SHRA was to market this signature development through unique advertising approaches including community engagement, materials development, web development, newsletters, podcasts, media coordination, and "local hire" program management. View: Del Paso Nuevo Brochure - View: Del Paso Nuevo eBlasts - View: Del Paso Nuevo Postcard - Listen: Del Paso Nuevo Podcast (voiceover by K.N. Smith)


Greater Sacramento Urban League Building Project

The Greater Sacramento Urban League provides underserved youth and adults with education, job training, and placement opportunities for them to achieve economic self-reliance. In 2000, the GSUL built its 28,000 square foot building in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood in Sacramento to serve as a catalyst and beacon of hope in revitalizing the surrounding area. We were fortunate to continue our work with prominent in-fill developer Allen Wayne Warren of New Faze Development, the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency, and JR Roberts/Deacon, Inc. Our expertise in community engagement and communications served the project well, while we also launched and managed the first "local hire" program in the region to great success. 


Guide to Green Fabrics

Guide to Green Fabrics™ is the leading eco-textiles education product suite on the market today, which educates textiles professionals, design students, fashion and interior designers, product manufacturers, and home sewers who want more environmentally responsible fabric options. We designed all product materials with an eye toward sustainability, creativity, and organic appeal. We provide content design, creative development, web development, social media strategy, and consumer outreach for this popular brand. View: Bamboo Chapter Excerpt - View: Abaca Teaching Presentation


Central Coast Center for Independent Living

The Central Coast Center for Independent Living (CCCIL) promotes the independence of people with disabilities by supporting their equal and full participation in life. CCCIL provides advocacy, education, and support to people with disabilities, their families, and the community. We brought CCCIL into the modern era of design with an entirely new brand and graphic appeal through various publications including a new brochure, revised logo, an informative newsletter, social media graphics, and a brand new website. View: CCCIL Spring 2016 Newsletter - View: CCCIL Summer 2016 Newsletter - View: CCCIL Brochure - Visit: Central Coast Center for Independent Living


UC Davis Office of Campus Community Relations

The University of California at Davis Office of Campus Community Relations (OCCR) embarked upon an ambitious plan to revamp its image through new materials that reflect the diversity of its campus and the surrounding community. Through collaboration of ideas, we designed new materials to achieve goals and imparted a fresh look on the OCCR’s brand. View: OCCR Brochure 


United Advocates for Children and Families Quarterly Newsletter

To broaden the appeal of the quarterly newsletter of the United Advocates for Children and Families (UACF), Kristene (K.N.) Smith considered all audiences for this special publication. She developed online and print versions that would meet the community's needs. Now a highly regarded publication for the mental health industry, the quarterly newsletter continues to excite readers while sharing in-depth information on children’s mental health and parent advocacy. View: UACF Summer 2016 Newsletter - View: UACF Winter 2015 Newsletter - View: UACF Spring 2015 Newsletter - View: UACF Fall 2014 Newsletter - View: UACF Winter 2013 Newsletter - View: Spring 2013 Newsletter 


United Advocates for Children and Families Golf4Kids Tournament

With an eye for creativity and a fresh, springtime appeal, Kristene (K.N.) Smith designed collaterals for UACF’s Golf4Kids Tournament, the first statewide golf tournament to benefit children’s mental health advocacy. The guest speaker for the event was The Honorable Patrick J. Kennedy, a national champion on mental health and the author of the Mental Health Parity Act, who is also the Founder of the Kennedy Forum on Community Mental Health, and Co-Founder of the One Mind Institute. 


Sacramento Fire Department

The Sacramento Fire Department is a full-service fire department with the responsibility of responding to and mitigating incidents involving fires, medical emergencies, hazardous materials, and technical and water rescues. In an effort to advance its diversity recruitment, Kristene (K.N.) Smith worked with the Department on community visibility, diversity outreach and recruitment, and CBO partnerships across the region. We designed the Fire Wire Newsletter for the Fire Chief, developed new materials for youth, adults, and seniors, engaged neighborhood associations, developed military partnerships, and engaged local executives in department tours for better understanding of this tremendously valuable community resource. View: SFD Fact Sheets


Leave No Child Behind Parent Engagement Conference

The Leave No Child Behind Parent Engagement Conference, presented by the Sacramento City Unified School District, was the highlight of regional education efforts, and specifically for the African-American community. With over 4,000 diverse attendees, the intellectual, educational, and emotional impact of this event was realized by all in attendance. We provided the overall marketing and creative strategy causing this event to be very significant to our client service efforts and feelings of professional accomplishment.


California Student Aid Commission - Cal Grant Program

We worked with the California Student Aid Commission to promote its Cal Grant Campaign to deserving, underrepresented students who were trying to realize their dreams of going to college. Our process needed to be broad in order to reach into neighborhoods across California. We successfully framed Cal Grant as a leading resource that underrepresented students could rely upon for financial assistance. We developed partnerships with retail giants Robinson’s May and Barnes and Noble, Catholic Healthcare West, and the California Association of Urban League Executives. Our understanding and awareness of how to communicate with diverse audiences strongly came into play and thrust the Cal Grant campaign into California’s new, urban territories. 


City of Sacramento - Gang Prevention and Intervention Summit

The Mayor’s Gang Prevention and Intervention Taskforce hosted the 2016 Gang Prevention and Intervention Summit to bring together cross-sections of our community including law enforcement, schools, social services, criminal justice systems, community-based service providers, mental health, public health, and faith leaders, among others. Presented as an exceptional networking forum for those involved in this work, the Summit offered discussions and speakers on Prevention, Public Policy, Intervention, Re-Entry, Gangs, and Youth. It was a day of education, networking, and strategic discussions on these important issues facing our community.


Federal Bureau of Investigation Diversity Recruitment Campaign

Undoubtedly one of the nation’s most prominent law enforcement agencies, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Sacramento, California branch) expressed its commitment to a diversified workforce by embarking upon a targeted campaign to attract and recruit more minority women into the Bureau as Special Agents. We were asked to design and implement a culturally sensitive diversity recruitment campaign and market it strategically to attract urban audiences, and specifically, qualified minority women. Our team immediately relied upon its past, successful experience with our public safety related clients including the Sacramento Police Department, Sacramento Fire Department, and the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives. Through diversity advertising and media placement, targeted online advertising, speaking engagements, contests and giveaways, and community visibility, we helped the FBI reach more minority women during this period than any other in history. The bureau began to experience immediate response and received numerous applications from qualified applicants across the region and beyond. We helped position this bureau to the # 1 ranking of all U.S. FBI bureaus for diversity advertising and recruitment. As a result, in 2005, the Sacramento FBI was recognized with a national award for its efforts in diversity recruitment.


"I would describe Kristene Smith and her marketing team as intelligent and competent. They managed the design and development of the marketing and outreach plan for the Sacramento City Unified School District's Leave No Child Behind Conference held at the Sacramento Convention Center in September 2000. Her unique corporate and grassroots approaches helped to generate more than 4,000 conference attendees. It has been called the most successful parent conference the school district has ever had. I would not hesitate to call upon Ms. Smith again. She and her team are wonderful!"

Kevin L. Brown, J.D., (former) Coordinator
State and Federal Programs
Sacramento City Unified School District